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About Partner Rentals

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Our Story

Since 1992, the del Aguila family has been offering rental services to homeowners and businesses in New York's Hudson Valley. Whether the name on the door was Kingston General Rental, Best General, or Volvo Rents, the commitment to their customers remained unwavered. In 2011, the family sold the business to a national consolidator.

Partner Rentals was founded in 2016 to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses that were tired of the usual business of the big box rental companies: high prices, red tape, and under delivered promises. At Partner Rentals, decisions are made locally, we buy the equipment required for local jobs, and we genuinely want to see the local area prosper because we're part of it.

When envisioning the company that Partner Rentals would be, we decided that high quality equipment and dependable and competitive service were more important to us and our prospective customers than just price. That's why we carry the top quality brands in the industry and chose more dependable options such as solid/foam tires and Honda small engines. And when you need equipment right away, we do whatever we can to get it to you quickly.

So what does the future hold for us? We are working to stabilize our first location in Kingston, New York. Afterward, we plan on opening additional locations in strategic areas to grow the business and better serve our customers. In today's world, we find that our customers cover larger geographical areas and we need to be present in those areas to readily equip them.

Our Values: Safety, Quality, Operational Excellence
A Job Site

Ever see a safety incident that couldn't have been avoided? We haven't either. That's why we believe that safety is a trainable culture that we welcome with open arms.

The equipment and work we do is dangerous. Our job is to do our part to make sure that our employees and customers go home safely to their families every day. By conducting monthly safety meetings and performing safety training for our customers, we aim to decrease the accidents directly and indirectly involving our employees and customers.

Our commitment to safety for our people and yours will be unwavered.

Project Planning

Whether it comes to the people we employ, the equipment we procure and maintain, or the way we service our customers, we believe that investing in high quality always pays off.

Studies have shown that a less expensive piece of equipment will be down for repair more often, causing time and money lost to both the rental company and the customer. At Partner Rentals, you will only find the top brands with features built to last, like solid/foam tires and Honda engines.

Our commitment to quality people, products, and services is and will only get better.

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Operational Excellence
We live in a world where technology gets better by the minute and in an industry where we're delayed in using that technology by about 20 years. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to better our processes and interactions with our customers.

By working on making our processes more efficient, we save money for ourselves and our customers. Try lowering the amount of time needed to rent a piece of equipment, or get a copy of an invoice. Perhaps create a mobile app to give customers control over when equipment is arriving or should be picked up.

Our commitment to operational excellence through smarter uses of technology will help all.

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