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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to have a charge account to rent?

A: No, we accept cash, check, and all major credit cards from non-charge customers as long as a credit card is held for the duration of the rental via a credit card authorization form. If you are interested in a charge account, please fill out our credit application and return at your convenience.

Q: How are rental rates calculated?

A: Rental rates are based on daily, weekly, and four week periods.

When the equipment is metered, the following limits apply: 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, 160 hours per four week period. For generators and light towers, single shift (up to 8 hours per day) is charged at 1X the rate, double shift (up to 16 hours per day) is charged at 1.5X the rate, and triple shift (up to 24 hours per day) is charged at 2X the rate.

Q: I don't see what I need in the yard or on your website. How do I know if you rent it?

A: Just ask us! Our goal is to partner with you to find the equipment you need when you need it. In cases where we do not have the equipment available, we are ready to use our network of rental partners to locate the equipment and facilitate the rental for you.

Q: Do you offer the rental protection plan and what does it cover?

A: Yes, we offer the rental protection plan (RPP) on all uninsured rentals and it may be waived if proof of property damage coverage for rented equipment is presented prior to the rental. The cost is 15% of the rental charges.

RPP limits the customer's responsibility for accidental (as determined by Partner Rentals) damage to the lesser of 25% or the repair or $1,000. RPP does not cover repairs caused by abuse or neglect. It also does not cover tire, track, and glass damage. Limited damage waiver is NOT insurance.

Q: Am I responsible for the fuel that I use during my rental?

A: Our equipment is typically rented with full tanks. Any fuel consumed and not refilled will be charged at the current posted rate. This does not apply to small engines (excluding generators).

Q: What is an environmental charge?

A: Most rental companies charge an environmental charge to offset expenses related to proper handling of environmentally-threatening materials (fuel, oil, tires, etc.). Ours is calculated as 2% of the rental charges and is applied to fuel-powered equipment only.

Q: What do I do if my equipment breaks down?

A: Unfortunately, equipment does break down from time to time. Our mechanics are available to keep downtime to a minimum. Please call us at 845-330-2524 if you experience any problem. If after hours, please leave a message and we'll call you back immediately.

Q: My equipment has a flat tire or a damaged track. Now what?

A: Flat tires or track damage are the responsibility of the renter. We can help arrange tire truck service upon request.

Q: Is pricing the best way to compare you to your competitors?

A: No, we don't think so. When envisioning the company that Partner Rentals would be, we decided that high quality equipment and dependable and competitive service were more important to us and our prospective customers than just price. That's why we carry the top quality brands in the industry and chose more dependable options such as solid/foam tires and Honda small engines. And when you need equipment right away, we do whatever we can to get it to you quickly.

If you must compare us on price, we ask that you consider if the equipment is comparable in size, quality, and capability. If so, we'll be happy to consider matching a competitive quote.

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